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Please use the email form in the sidebar to contact us for IT support. If you are on campus, you can press the IT Dept button on any phone, or dial extension 330.

Outlook Setup for Phones

  1. Download and install Outlook on your phone.
    Click one of the links below to enter your phone number and have a link sent directly to your phone.

  2. Open Outlook on your phone.
    If this is first time, tap Get Started and Skip if you’re prompted to add any detected accounts.
    Otherwise, open the Menu  > Settings  > Add Account > Add Email Account

  3. Enter your Beal Email address.
    On Android, tap Continue; on iOS, tap Add Account.
    You may need to click on “Setup Account Manually”.
  4. Tap on Exchange. (if it asks)
  5. Fill out the information as below, using your email & username.
    You may have a separate field for Domain. If so, it is just “bealcollege”.
  6. Save the settings, and you are ready to go!