Innovative Career Education Lab

The Innovative Career Education (ICE) Lab supports all aspects of student learning and faculty development at the College. Lab staff will provide students with orientation to the basic systems they will need to be successful, including how to manage their student accounts, access course assignments in the learning management system (LMS), and check their campus email. The Center will also partner with students to support research, writing, and the development of positive time management and study habits to promote success in a college environment.

The Lab also works with faculty to develop effective syllabi, assignments, and assessment tools, integrate technology into teaching, promote the use of cutting edge research and new media in the classroom, and coordinate the orientation and development of new faculty.

Writing Lab

A full service writing center, supporting both students and faculty. Get help with developing arguments and thesis statements, conducting research, formatting citations, and articulating learning objectives, assignment descriptions, and rubrics. Whether you are writing exam questions or trying to answer them, the Writing Lab can help.

IT Support

The Beal College IT Department works closely with the Lab to assist students and faculty with diagnosing issues and solving problems with access and computing facilities. The Lab is here to support all uses of campus systems and facilitate access to whatever resources (actual or virtual) you use to promote teaching and learning.

Peer Tutoring and Academic Support

Having trouble in a class? You are not the first and you are not alone! The Lab can help you. We can talk about adapting to different teaching styles, note taking strategies, study and time management techniques, managing grade and test anxieties, finding adequate work spaces, and making the most of campus support resources. We can connect you with students who have excelled in the classes you’re taking and even with external resources to address learning differences and obstacles that may be impeding your progress. Let us know how you’re doing.

Study Groups

The Lab can help coordinate new study groups or provide work space and support for those groups that have already convened, either at faculty direction or by student request. Whether you’re collaborating for an online course or preparing a class presentation we can provide feedback or just a quiet space to meet.

Student Advising

The Lab work with Program Directors to promote effective student advising. We can help steward you through medical absences so you can stay current in your studies. Adapting to the 8-week, intensive Mod system can be difficult for some students. Acclimating to online and hybrid course platforms can be intimidating. The Lab is here to help smooth exactly these kinds of transitions to ensure student success and promote a rewarding learning environment.

Stop in to the ICE Lab beside the Beal Library (Room 9) or contact Rob Gee at x381 or [email protected] to get started.