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History of Beal College

Mary Beal. Do you know the history of Beal? Come in for a tour to find out.
1858 – 1924
1891 – 1922


Founded as Bangor Business College at 127 Hammond Street

Shorthand & Typing Dept. moves to 9 Central Street

Became Beal’s School of Shorthand & Typing

Became Beal College of Commerce

Changed to Beal College School of Business, then Beal Business College

Celebrated 50th Anniversary

Began conferring Associate Degrees

Established Evening Division

Moved to 629 Main Street

Moved to 99 Farm Road

Added Fitness & Wellness Center

Celebrated 125th Anniversary

On October 23, 1891, Miss Mary E. Beal and several partners established the Bangor Business College, which later became known as Beal College.

Located on the second floor of the YMCA building, Beal College’s student body of less than 25 students followed a curriculum of banking, finance, accounting, business arithmetic, penmanship, business writing, commercial law, shorthand and typewriting.

By January 1892, the student body had grown to more than 100 students, necessitating the addition of space. To meet this requirement, the Shorthand and Typing Department was moved to the Exchange Street Block.

Miss Beal eventually became the sole owner of the Shorthand Department of the Bangor Business School. In 1903, Miss Beal’s School of Shorthand and Typing became a separate entity of approximately 30 students. On July 14, 1922, Miss Beal sold the school to Francis G. Lee, at which time it was incorporated under the name of Beal College of Commerce.

In Maine–A History, published in 1928, Harris B. Coe described Beal College of Commerce as “not only the largest of its kind in Bangor, but also one of the largest in the State.”

In 1929, the name was changed to Beal College School of Business, then after several administrations, became Beal Business College.

When the College’s 50th anniversary was observed on September 14, 1941, it offered two-year degree programs in secretarial studies, business, administration, bookkeeping and commercial and stenographic programs.

On April 28, 1968, Beal College was authorized by an act of the Legislature of the State of Maine to confer the Associate Degree of Science. Beal College was accredited as a junior college of business in 1970 by the Accreditation Commission for Business Schools in Washington, D. C.

As a result of community requests, the Evening Division of Beal College was established in January 1971 to meet the needs of adults in the community who wished to pursue their education while engaged in full-time employment. The year-round, eight-week modular system for both day and evening classes was introduced in 1985.

To accommodate the needs of an expanding student body, the campus was moved to 629 Main Street in November of 1972, then to its present location at 99 Farm Road in Bangor in May of 2004. In 2012, the College expanded by building a Fitness & Wellness Center for its students and employees, as well as an on-campus cafe.

Throughout 2016, Beal College celebrated its 125th anniversary. With more than a century of service to Maine citizens, Beal College is recognized today throughout our State for its excellence in education and continues to provide practical, hands-on career training in a small, personal and friendly environment.

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