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Distance Education

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Distance education allows you the flexibility to take classes from home so you can fit school into your busy schedule

Take Online Classes to Suit Your Lifestyle

Since 1891, Beal College has been a leader in innovation, offering technology-driven, career-oriented, and student-centered approaches to teaching and learning. In that tradition, Beal is making some of its course offerings more flexible for students with distance education formats. This can help us provide accessibility for diverse student populations while overcoming challenges of distance, unpredictable weather events, increasingly demanding student schedules, and the great variety of student learning styles, without compromising on the quality of course content and instruction. As with our on-campus course offerings, distance education courses begin every 8 weeks.

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Distance Education Takes Discipline

Distance education can be a great opportunity for many students, but it is not for every learner. Some students prefer the personal and social engagement of the conventional classroom and excel in that environment. Distance education requires discipline, motivation, and careful time management on the part of the student.

Courses are just as rigorous and, while flexible, require a great deal of screen time. Students will need access to a reliable computer, consistent high-speed internet, their Beal College email, and Edvance360, our browser-based learning management system. Using that platform, instructors may employ any number of digital texts, activities, projects, and teaching tools to promote student engagement and learning.

Computer Literacy Required

Students interested in enrolling in distance education courses with Beal College Online can begin the application process here. You will be asked to complete a short online test that measures cognitive ability but also requires you to demonstrate basic online navigation and familiarity: Can you receive an email, click on a link, follow instructions, and complete tasks? Existing Beal students will be asked to complete this step as well before registering for online and hybrid offerings.

Rules of Academic Conduct and Student Services Still Apply

Standards of classroom decorum, professionalism, and academic honesty apply in online courses every bit as much as they do in traditional face-to-face environments. The same student services, IT support, and academic supports available to students on campus will be available to distance education students as well.

A Great Alternative to In-Person Learning

Beal College Online can be an excellent option for students to complete the required courses to earn their degree. It provides the convenience and flexibility to balance work and family commitments with school. Course materials are accessible online at any time of day. Beal College is finding new ways to help you complete your degree and become career ready.

Is Distance Education for You? Get More Info…

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