Beal College Bookstore

Beal College Bookstore
Beal College’s bookstore carries all the necessary books and supplies as well as collegiate apparel and novelties

Stock Up On School Supplies, Textbooks, And Merchandise

The Beal College Bookstore sells more than just textbooks. We have a wide array of merchandise, apparel, gifts, and more. The bookstore is open Monday through Thursday during posted hours, with extended hours for textbook sales each Mod (semester).

Download Mod 2 Book List

If students wish to purchase required materials through other local bookstores or online, the book titles, ISBN numbers, and other pertinent information are posted in the bookstore and on the Beal College website prior to the start of the next Mod.

Used Books

The Beal College Bookstore sells some used books. On the last two days of each Mod, the Bookstore buys back select titles based on need and book condition. During buyback, students may bring in any unwanted textbooks to sell back to the Bookstore. Book value is based on the book condition and on supply and demand. Cash paid to students for texts intended for resale may be equivalent to one-half of the retail price. For any other books purchased during the buyback, the value is determined by the used book company.

Another opportunity to buy and sell used books is through the “Used Book” bulletin board located near the campus cafe. Students selling used books are asked to post the book title, edition, and ISBN number. This method is student-to-student and buyers are urged to check the posted book list for the edition of the book currently being used prior to any transaction.