Beal College Announces New Career and Student Services Coordinator Position

Robin Tardiff Expands Role to Help Students

From academic advising to job placement assistance, Robin is standing by to help every Beal student!

Robin Tardiff has enjoyed her role as the Career Services Coordinator at Beal. And in that capacity, she helped students conduct job searches, prepare for interviews, and plan their future careers. “To be honest, I have always been a big cheerleader,” Robin says.

As the College grows, it is always looking to better meet the needs of its students. That’s why it recently expanded Robin’s role to include Student Services, which will support students throughout their program, in addition to preparing them for a career after graduation.

Robin feels she brings a unique perspective to the new role. “All of my training, education, and professional work life have been devoted to helping people in one way or another,” she says.

The new position is intended to address the academic as well as career-related needs of Beal students. “I am here to help problem solve,” Robin says, noting that she will “share resources, help them complete their program, make it to graduation, and transition into employment.”

Robin’s familiarity with Beal’s students puts her in an excellent position to branch out and fill her new role. “My favorite part of working with students is seeing them accomplish something they never thought they could,” she said. But she also noted that she sees each student very much as an individual.

“I am here to help them be successful, and that looks different for each student.”

Robin will be a liaison between students, faculty, and administration, but she is most enthusiastic about continuing to offer the personal support to students that she is known for. “I love learning from them,” she says. “I learn from them every single day!”

To learn more about what Career and Student Services can do for you, call Robin at 207.307.3900 or email at [email protected] today!