Beal College Angels Featured on WABI-TV

BANGOR, Maine (WABI) | Beal College is finding simple ways to give back to their students. They call it Beal Angels.

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Students write down their name and a personal need and enter into a private drawing for a $25 reward.

The intention is to provide students with a chance to lessen the burden of unexpected expenses that may impact their ability to buy food, gas, or other essentials.

“A lot of our students will come to school two days a week, so they will travel twenty five, thirty miles. And if it’s that extra tank of gas that’s going to get them from point A to point B that one day before they get their check or whatever it is, it’s just a token to give them a helping hand and provide some resources for them,” said Stephen Villett, Beal College COO.

Right next to the Beal Angels entry box is a small food pantry shelf students set up to help other students in need.