Beal Angels and Beal Meal Address College Community Needs

Beal Anges give back!

Beal Angels is one of a couple of college-led initiatives that have their origin in a recognition of the many challenges facing students of all walks of life.

The process is simple: any Beal student can put his or her name and contact information into a private drawing. Once per month, a college staff member will draw a name and address the indicated need, which is limited to a $25 value.

The type of assistance provided may include items such as a Hannaford gift card (for acquiring childcare products such as diapers or wipes, for example), an Irving gas card, or other options.

The intention is to help with those moments when a need suddenly arises amidst other life events. With all the financial responsibilities students face – from school-related expenses such as textbooks and tuition to weekly budgeting for gas and groceries – this program is one way Beal is giving back.

Another Beal program aims to address food security more specifically.

The “Beal Meal” arose from discussions among students in the Substance Abuse Counseling Program. According to Program Director Susan Polyot:

“Several of the students were talking about their own food insecurities and how other students would buy them a meal some days at class or they wouldn’t have had food that day.”

Some students decided to take action, and established a space on campus for the gathering of non-perishable food items. Any student is invited to access the food during campus hours, with no strings attached: simply take what you need.

The pantry space is currently located just outside the Beal Library. Students can access the pantry discreetly and anonymously. Librarian Donna Bancroft noted that the effort has been making an impact, and the pantry’s collection continues to grow.

Students and Alumni can volunteer for Beal Angels and Beal Meals by contacting Robin Tardiff in Student Affairs at 207.307.3900 or email at [email protected].