A Message from the President of Beal College | Fall 2018

Sheryl DeWalt

Sheryl DeWalt, President of Beal College

We are fortunate to live in Maine where there actually are four seasons, each with its own unique weather, and we are now experiencing the change in temperatures. The drop in temperatures forces us to change our wardrobe to warmer clothes with long sleeves and duller colors to match the gloominess of the weather.

This time of year can be melancholy, causing many people to turn inward, both physically and mentally. But as we move through the school year, remember that changes bring new opportunities. Let’s embrace and appreciate them!

This year has brought exciting changes and opportunities to Beal College. We enrolled our first cohort of Registered Nursing students this fall to continue our school’s 127-year-old mission of providing educational programs that lead to in-demand career opportunities. We are beginning online classes to enhance the flexibility for our students to balance work, school, and family. And we are adding more programs and degrees in the future.

Our Beal graduates have continued to amaze us with their talent, determination, and commitment to improving their lives as well as the community in which we live. So stay warm, stay positive – and stay tuned for the growth that continues at Beal through all the seasons!